Classic Text Series 2018

This year’s Classic Text Series will focus on the lives of two people who play supporting roles in the Torah but are leaders in their own right. Come learn about Aaron and Miriam as leaders and as people.


Aaron as a Paradigm – The Place of Ritual in Jewish Society
Taught by David Rischall
Sunday, February 18, 10 am


Explore the role Aaron played as high priest during the Israelites’ 40 year sojourn in the desert.  What does this narrative tell us about the role of ritual leadership in an idealized Jewish society?


Miriam in the Bulrushes – Hidden Figures
Taught by Rabbi Shosh Dworsky
Sunday, February 25, 10 am


Moses is remembered as our liberator, the public face of our exodus from Egypt. But there are many “hidden figures” without whom he may never have been born. His sister Miriam is one of them, and our sages of old recognize her critical role. Come learn more about her and her hidden importance!


There is no charge for these sessions.
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