Pesach 2018/5778

All the Information You Need to Celebrate Pesach this Year!

Shop at Cooper’s new location for all your Pesach foods! Beth Jacob will receive 5% of your purchases!

  • Save all your Cooper’s receipts for any purchases made before Pesach!
  • Bring your receipts to the Beth Jacob office!

Cooper’s Supervalu  ·  633 W. 7th St. St. Paul  ·  651-224-3365  ·  6:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Service Schedule:

Full Printable Pesach Schedule


Friday, March 30, 7:00 am Service and Siyum for First Born
Followed by a light breakfast
Saturday, March 31, 9:00 am 1st Day of Passover Services/Shabbat

  • Children’s Programming 10:15 am
  • Minyan Katan 11:30 am
Sunday, April 1, 9:00 am 2nd Day of Passover Services

  • Children’s Programming 10:15 am
  • Special Story Day (in shul)
Friday, April 6 9:00 am 7th Day of Passover Services

  • Children’s Programming 10:15 am
Saturday, April 7, 9:00 am 8th Day of Passover Services

  • Yizkor
  • Regular Iyunim & Kehillat Shabbat
  • Minyan Katan 11:30 am

 Chol HaMoed Minyan followed by a light breakfast at 7 am Monday-Thursday during Pesach sponsored by Neal and Sandy Gale in memory of their parents Norman and Annetta Abrams, Harvey and Florence Gale, and Neal’s brother Edward Gale.

Beth Jacob Forms:

Selling Your Chametz (Mechirat Chametz), and Gifts to those in need at Pesach (Ma’ot Hittim):
Click below to sell your Chametz online (or drop off or mail a paper form) by Noon on Fri., March 30th! Also, feel free to share the link with anyone who may want to sell their Chametz, No matter where they live, or whether or not they’re a Beth Jacob Member! And don’t forget a “Bedikat Chametz (Search for Chametz)” kit, available free in the Beth Jacob lobby! 

Mechirat Chametz/Ma’ot Hittim Form

Seder For All: Beth Jacob is committed to seeing that each of us is able to share Pesach with others in our shul community; if you either need a place or have a place to offer at a seder, please fill out the form below (online or paper).

“Seder For All” Form

Pesach Information:

A Pesach Schedule/Guide – Printable Candle Lighting and Service Times, and all manner of Pesach info!

Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide – Kashering, permitted foods, and more!

The 15 Steps to the Seder – Keeping it in Order!

Let’s Get Ready for Passover! and Exodus – iOS apps from G-dcast


Online Resources to help with your seder:

Jewishfreeware – A plethora of downloadable resources for you and your seder.

My Jewish Learning – A variety of information, Pesach and year round.

USCJ – United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

“A Fifth Question” – Israel Seder Handout from Mercaz

10 Ways to Make Your Family Seder Accessible for All Learners – From Matan

“A Playful Passover” – An e-book from TC Jewfolk

Note: A limited number of Haggadot are available for sale at the Beth Jacob office.

Please call 651-452-2226 for details.

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