Jim Bear Jacobs to Speak

Social Justice Committee Presents:
Jim Bear Jacobs
Saturday, February 2, 1:00 pm
Jim Bear Jacobs‘ work to get people talking about race and American Indian history started with a dream.  That dream has propelled him to a leadership position in telling the story of American Indians, particularly, the story of the US Dakota War, what led to it and how Native American history unfolded from that war.
On February 2, Jim Bear will bring that story to Beth Jacob in a learning session sponsored by the Social Justice Committee.

Babysitting will be available.

You may want to read, watch or listen to one or more of the following in order to come to the session with some knowledge of what is called the US Dakota War.

    • Minneapolis Star Tribune:
      In the Foot Steps of Little Crow: 150 Years after the US Dakota War by Curt Brown, a six part series available online at Startribune.com or in iBook format for $2.00.
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