Limud L’Ad – Adult Jewish Learning Opportunities

Adult learning at Beth Jacob begins with a commitment to Life Long Jewish Learning. Our program is a rich montage of opportunities in both formal and informal settings seeking to deepen our understanding of Judaism and Jewish tradition as adults. Formal classes include Parsha Hashavua and weekly Talmud study. Several times a month there are guest speakers following Shabbat morning Kiddush on a variety of topics including Jewish history, philosophy, prayer and ritual.

A hallmark of Beth Jacob’s commitment to Jewish learning is to ground our study in our textual tradition and then to expand the learning to reach an array of interests and levels through a variety of avenues including hands-on and multi-sensory opportunities of engagement.

Current Opportunities

Monday Night Limud:

Monday Night Talmud


Parasha Hashavua


Bracha and Bagels

Looking Back:


(After)Life in Judaism

Journeying Through January

Conversations With Philip Roth

There Once Was a World

Twin Cities Premier of ‘abUSed: The Postville Raid’

USCJ Visiting Scholar

HaNeirot Halallu – The Eight Lights of Hanukah

Family Learning Together

L’Hagid – The Power of Our Stories

January Adult Learning Journeys

Adult Jewish Learning Fall/Winter 2010-5771 Brochure

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