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    The Beth Jacob library, while small, has a wealth of interesting books on subjects ranging from biblical history to the modern State of Israel, from Kabbalah to Halacha, from Jewish Literature to Middle East Travel Guides, from Arts and Literature to Jewish Feminism, from the Holocaust to Holidays and Shabbat.

    With the exception of reference books, which may not be taken out of the Shul, the books are available for your reading pleasure.   You may take them home on the honor system.  In general, books should be returned within three weeks after taking them from the library.  Even if you keep them longer, returns are welcome — no questions asked.  We will put out periodic reminders to return  stray books from the Beth Jacob library.  They are stamped “Beth Jacob Congregation” and have a label stating PLEASE RETURN TO BETH JACOB CONGREGATION.

    The books are arranged according to the Jewish Library coding system, except that we use only the categories and subcategories posted in the library.  The main categories are 01, 100, 200, 300 up to 900 for reference books, and we use a few, rather than all of the subcategories.  For example, we use 736 for books pertaining to the Holocaust, which is a subcategory of 700 – History.

    The price of borrowing a book is that you reshelf it according to the number on its spine.   You don’t have to put it in alphabetical order, you don’t have to look it up in a catalogue, you don’t have to search the shelves for hours, you don’t have to climb on scaffolding.  Simply follow the code posted in the library and reshelf the book with other books having the same number.

    If you’ve had a Beth Jacob Library book at home for months or years and have been secretly embarrassed about it, no problem!  Put it in your vehicle or under your arm and carry it to the Shul some wintry non-Shabbos day, and we will welcome it back – no questions asked.

    If there is a particular book you would like the library to purchase, or if you have Jewish books that you would like to donate, please contact Rebecca Picard and John Allison, Library Committee Co-Chairs at 651-227-3011.

    Some very old Talmud books that were previously housed on the shelves of the Beth Jacob library need a home. They have copyright dates that range from 1861 to 1922 and are not in ideal condition. Despite their condition, we are hoping that someone may want them for their own personal library. If you wish further details, please contact Leslie Hahn at: hahnx013 AT umn DOT edu or by phone at 651-456-9823.

    On behalf of the Library Committee,

    Rebecca Picard, John Allison, Leslie Hahn and Yelva Lynfield

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