Tallit-Making Workshop

Make your own tallit!

Sunday February 18, 1-4 pm

Led by Frances Fischer, Naomi English and a team of able crafty volunteers.

RSVP: frances@beth-jacob.org

Begin with fabric you love – a large scarf or sari, fabric from your family or fabric you find in a store – where the

colors are right and it feels good when you drape it over your shoulders. With the guidance of fabric artists

from our community paired with your imagination, we will turn these pieces of fabric into the tallitot we’ll wear

as we come into Jewish adulthood and beyond, stitching together our collective and individual pasts into the

lives we’ll live forward.

Here are the details:

We’ll be making tallitot that we sew using fabric, thread, and sewing machines! We’re not getting fancy with paints or drawing or adding words or anything like that.

Where do I get what I need?

At a fabric store. Try Treadle Yard Goods, SR Harris, JoAnn Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics, among others. Google for convenient locations! Your mission is to choose fabric that feels good, that you like to wrap around you. We recommend going with a friend to talk together about what you’re choosing.

And what exactly do I need?

  • The tallit itself: A piece of fabric, maybe 3×5 feet or so. Cotton, wool, silk, linen… try on fabrics to see what size and feel feels good to you. Make sure you really like the colors and/or pattern. It should be at least large enough to clothe a toddler. It’s your wings for the kedushah, so figure out how big you want your wings to be. Here’s a helpful size chart: http://www.jewishbazaar.com/tallit-size-selection-guide.htm.
  • Coordinating fabrics for the corners and atarah (collar). These could all be the same, or all different, or something in between. Half a yard will be enough in total.
  • Matching/coordinated thread. The thread will show through! Buy spools of thread with colors that coordinate with your fabrics!
  • Decorative elements: ribbon, buttons, other fabrics … the sky’s the limit! Look in the notions at the fabric store, in your closets and button boxes and craft supplies (or your bubbe’s!) for what will make your tallit your own! Nothing is required here; this is all you.
  • We will provide string for tzitzit if you RSVP to Frances.
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