Year of Torah


5776 is the Year of Torah (YoT) at Beth Jacob, a year-long celebration of Torah and community. The highlight will be the restoration of one of our Sifrei Torah. Everyone can participate in this hands-on restoration project, led by Beth Jacob Congregational Educator and Sofer D. Marcos Vital.

Each month there will be:

  • A”Parasha Connection” where, on one shabbat a month, there is programming in conjunction with the week’s parasha.
  • A “Restoration Event” during which steps are taken to restore our Torah.

The YoT was kicked off Kol Nidre night when this Torah led the pre-Kol Nidre recessional. Then, Rabbi Allen spoke of the Torah’s history (found in a box from the Sons of Jacob), Rabbi Tamar Grimm and D.Marcos Vital, the Torah’s present (treating the Torah like a person) and Amy Rogovin, program chair, it’s future. If you missed the d’rashot, click the names above to read them.

Simchat Torah saw our first event. After washing our hands, we carefully opened the Torah all the way up (it wrapped around the social hall). With love and catching enthusiasm, D. Marcos introduced us to this scroll, showing us how beautifully the klaf (parchment) had been prepared and unique features of the script. The excitement in the room was palpable.

Upcoming Events: February

  • Parasha Connection
    For February’s Year of Torah Parasha Connection, there will be a special edition of ‘For the Jew in the Pew’ with Rabbi Lynn Liberman featuring special guest Elizabeth “EB” Barnard. From 9:15 – 10 am, they will discuss “Parashat Terumah – Building the Tabernacle from wood: a woodworker’s perspective!” Come study the weekly Parasha with an eye toward attempting to discern the craftsmanship and sacred work of Bezalel through the skills of a modern woodworker.
  • Restoration Event
    February will feature two Torah Restoration Events; D.Marcos will be doing Torah restoration work on both Tuesday February 2, and Tuesday February 16 from 7-8:30 pm at Beth Jacob; come watch, and maybe even get a chance to help!
  • Ask a Sofer
    Do you have questions about how you make or restore a Torah? Ask a Sofer! Specifically, Sofer D.Marcos Vital. Click here to ask a question (or check out the answers to questions others have asked), and D.Marcos will give you an answer!
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