Search Committee

We would like to announce the Search Committee, which was approved by the Board. The chairs of the Search Committee will be Ricka Kohnstamm and Rosanne Zaidenweber. Rosanne is a past president who is intimately familiar with the workings of the shul, and Ricka was the chair of the T’fillah Team, and is experienced in facilitating committees making difficult decisions, with an emphasis on kavod and respect. The Search Committee members are: Stuart Bear, Laura Broder, Arielle Ehrlich, Laurie Fink, Benj Kamm, Barbie Levine, Ryan Lohr, Mickey Minsberg, Marvin Pertzik, Tamar Resnick, Randi Roth, & Nina Samuels. We believe that this entire committee is comprised of people who can speak to our values of who we are and where we want to go in a way that is compelling and full of kavod, are representative of our past and our future, and that each member brings specific skills and wisdom.


Thank you, Rachel Hertel & Laura Honan, Co-Presidents

Read the Search Committee’s introductory letter

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