Aliyah Arrival

Watch this video of the latest Nefesh b’nefesh flight landing in Israel!

Yael Silverman, who grew up in our shul, is among the 300 folks who were on the ALIYAH flight to Israel.  Over the years, many of our congregants have made aliyah, and continued their Jewish journey inside the Jewish homeland.  We salute them all, and celebrate their decision.  For additional information on aliyah, please contact Nefesh b’Nefesh at

Nativ Video

Over the past 8 years Beth Jacob has sent many students on gap year programs.  The vast majority of these students, who take a year off before starting college, have gone to Israel on Nativ (  They have come to understand the complexities of Israel and the challenges that it faces in ways that most never have the opportunity to.  This is indeed an investment in a life worth making.