Josh Warshawsky

Friday evening, November 10
Saturday, November 11


Musician Josh Warshawsky is coming to Beth Jacob! Josh has shared his original melodies with Jewish communities throughout the US and Canada. His first full-length album, “Mah Rabu” can be found on iTunes (listen here!). His music can be heard at Ramah and URJ summer camps as well as at NFTY and USY conventions across the country.
Friday, November 10 at 5:30
Join us for a song filled Shabbat with musician Josh Warshawsky, November 10-11! Josh is a talented songleader from Camp Ramah, and all of the kids just love him. This special Shabbat program is free for families with Ramah-age kids and under. Your family will love Josh’s enthusiasm and musical talent. This event is not to be missed! There is no charge for the dinner.

Saturday, November 11
Don’t be surprised to see Josh leading Minyan Gadol and Youth Tefila during Shabbat morning youth programming,
And after kiddush, stay for an afternoon of song and z’mirot, as Josh brings ruach and kavanah to a special Shabbat afternoon.