Final Update

The Beth Jacob Congregation Rabbinical Search Committee has now completed their work.

The Board charged us with finding the best fit rabbi for Beth Jacob, and we have successfully done that.  The Board also charged us with building community while we did our work.  Yasher koach to the Committee for staying resilient and committed throughout a long and sometimes tedious process.  And yasher koach to our beloved Beth Jacob community, who rallied around us with individual and collective support.  This is how community is built.

In particular, we would like the thank the following individuals for their tireless efforts and cooperation during the recent interview process: Rabbi Morris Allen, Rabbi Sami Barth, Ayelet Ehrlich, Eliav Ehrlich, Jonathan Ehrlich, Mitch Fink, Frances Fischer, Ted Flaum, Cynthia Freedman, David Harris, Rebecca Goffman, Robert Goffman, Barry Golob, Phyllis Gorin, Mike Keller, Monica Kelley, Rabbi Lynn Liberman, Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm, Brian Milberg, Bernie Miller, Susie Minsberg, Neil Moses-Zirkes, Susan Moses- Zirkes, Sean Murphy, Nataliya Mykytchuk, Sara Lynn Newberger, Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff, Eric Pasternack, Jo Pasternack, Beth Pearlman, Elaine Samuelson, Louise Schoenberger, Aaron Silver, and Heidi Tarshish.

Please pardon the oversight if we inadvertently left your name off of this list.

We will be turning off our Search email in the next week, but until then, we welcome messages to the full committee and will forward them, as we receive them.
-Ricka Kohnstamm and Rosanne Zaidenweber