The link to the video conference for Morning Minyan is Just click it when it’s time for minyan.

You can find the siddur here: If you would like to view in split screen with the service on one side and the siddur on the other, here are instructions:

Video links for online events are also on individual events on the synagogue calendar– links to the Zoom video call for those events will generally be in the notes section of each event.

We ask that participants join the Zoom using video so we can see each other and remain muted, except for when we do kaddish. We will also have the chat feature available so that people can let us know if they are observing a yahrzeit and let the rabbi or shaliach tzibur can make sure to say an El Malei for your loved one. Chat will also enable our community of minyanaires to share other life events with each other.

We hope this helps our community stay connected, and of course we always welcome people searching for comfort and community in this time of uncertainty.