Thursday Night May 28; Friday-Saturday, May 29-30
Start with Ma’ariv at 8:30 pm Thursday, then join together with the Twin Cities Jewish Community for an online Tikkun, featuring D.Marcos Vital, Dr. Noam Sienna, and Sara Lynn Newberger, among many others! Participating congregations include Adath Jeshurun, Bet Shalom, Beth El, Beth Jacob, Mayim Rabim, Mount Zion, Shir Tikvah, and Temple Israel.
Then at 12:30 am, the Twin Cities Tikkun ends, but the learning continues with the Rabbinical Assembly’s Coast-to-Coast Tikkun!
Finally, finish with the Hashkama Minyan at 4:30 am (Sunrise Shacharit), or if you prefer, regular Shavuot Morning services at 9 am. Shabbat/Shavuot services with Yizkor on day 2. All this info, with zoom links, is on our website at
Backyard Bikkurim Picnic; Videos and Pictures requested
bikkurim picnic shavuot
Show us your pictures of your backyard picnic set up (before Shavuot, of course).  We want to know where you’ll be when we’re in our yards, so we can be picnicking together!!!
Also, send us a video of you flying your kite as high as Sinai. Bonus points for pictures of home made/decorated kites!  Even more points for kites flying higher than Sinai. Prizes for best kites! Send pictures to