Tuesday, November 9,  7-8:30 pm
Hear our own Susan Siegfried read from her newest book, The Pomegranate.  
In her third novel, S. J. Schwaidelson (that’s Susan) weaves another cinematic story, immersing readers into exotic lands and cultures with surprisingly contemporary conflicts and human passions.

“I do not talk to dirty boys.

The girl was defiant, her dress dusty, her scarf askew; tendrils of burnished copper hair escaping onto her face. She would not stand by as her brother defended her honor. She would defend herself.

So begins the story of Batsheva Hagiz, the spirited daughter of a Jewish merchant dynasty in the city of Málaga. Her life is set by tradition, with schooling in languages, merchandise, and trade. But it’s her love of swordplay and the ability to throw a dagger with deadly aim that will serve her best.

On the caravan journey across the desert to her wedding, Batsheva is abducted by men who are certain their sheik will prize her body. In the early days of captivity, chained to his tent, she makes the decision to do more than merely survive. She will live.

Her resolve will push the boundaries of convention and take Batsheva from the sands of the Maghreb to the Holy Land where a crusade rages, to the court of Plantagenet England”

Stay after the reading to purchase books, which the author will graciously sign!

This event will be available on Zoom, signed books can be shipped.

And make sure to purchase your copy to read for the Beth Jacob Book Group, after kiddush on December 11.