Beth Jacob Board of Trustees 2016-2017

Executive Committee:
Mike Keller, President

Leonard Oppenheimer, V. P. Leadership, Treasurer
David Itzkowitz, V.P. Torah
Bob Perry, V.P. Avodah – Worship
Barry Kantrowitz, V. P. Avodah – Work
Amy Rogovin, V. P. Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness)
Rachel Hertel and Laura Honan, Past Co-Presidents
Other Trustees:
Re’ema Absey
Rebecca Goffman
Lisa Hoff
Mike Keller
Lou Leichter
Brian Millberg
Leslie Morris
Randi Roth
Wendy Schwartz
Aaron Silver
Miriam Krause
Ben Bejar
Mark Savin
Barry Kantrowitz
Honorary Lifetime Member: Bob Perry

Beth Jacob Committees

David Itzkowitz, VP

Congregational Learning Committee Board Liaison: David Itzkowitz. Co-Chairs: Rosanne Zaidenweber. Board Liaison: David Itzkowitz. Responsible for working with the Director of Congregational Learning to create and sustain a vision of congregational learning, including both formal and informal programs for children, families and adults.

Youth Board Liaison: Amy Rogovin. Co-Chairs: Laura Honan and Wendy Schwartz

The Youth Committee oversees our Kadima and USY youth groups (grades 7-12) and seeks to ensure parent and volunteer involvement in key youth group events throughout the year.

Youth Education Board Liaison: David Itzkowitz. Chair: Jon Bacal

The Youth Education committee seeks to establish a vision of Jewish learning for our young people, from birth to age 18, that encompasses Shabbat Enrichment, youth groups, K’tanim, Family Life Cycle Workshops, B’nai Mitzvah training, formal Jewish learning in schools and informal Jewish learning in a variety of settings.

Shul Link Board Liaison: Rachel Hertel. Chair: Phyllis Gorin

This committee packages and sends out treats and information to help our young adults feel connected to their home synagogue when they are away at college or off starting on their own.

Library/Resource Center Board Liaison: . Co-Chairs: Lydia Schultz and Penny Simison

The Library Committee is responsible for entering new donations into the Beth Jacob library system and maintaining the library in reasonable order. Other than reference books, books may be borrowed and reshelved on an honor system.

Bob Perry, VP

Ritual Board Liaison: Eric Pasternack, Bob Perry. Chair: Elaine DuFresne. The ritual committee works with the rabbi to ensure the function of all services (daily, Shabbat and holidays), and the assignment of appropriate people to lead services, read Torah and receive honors. The committee also maintains the ritual items in the synagogue.

Cemetery Board Liaison: Eric Pasternack. Members: Bill Rosenbloom, Maxine Rosenthal, Michael Keller. The cemetery committee oversees and maintains the Sons of Moses and Sons of Jacob cemeteries.

Chevra Kadisha Board Liaison: Eric Pasternack. Chair: Elyse Rabinowitz. The ritual committee works with the rabbi to ensure the function of all services (daily, Shabbat and holidays), and the assignment of appropriate people to lead services, read Torah and receive honors. The committee also maintains the ritual items in the synagogue.

Rachel Hertel, V.P.

Building Board Liaison: Rachel Hertel. Chair: Eric Galatz. This committee oversees all aspects of Beth Jacob’s building, ensuring that repairs and regular maintenance are handled professionally and in a timely manner.

Personnel Board Liaison: Randi Roth. Chair: Mark Goldberg This committee works to establish, review and implement personnel procedures and policies for all Beth Jacob staff.

Kitchen Chair: Mari Forbush. The Kitchen Committee works with the Kitchen/Catering Manager to prepare and serve kiddush luncheons on Shabbat and Holidays.

Office Infrastructure Board Liaison: Jeff Skochil, Rachel Hertel. Chair: Jeff Skochil.

GEMILUT CHASSADIM — Acts of Loving-kindness

Chesed Co-Chairs: Sharon Benmaman and Lynn Usem

Provides the Meal of Consolation (the meal served to mourners upon their return from the cemetery) or a meal to be delivered during Shiva.


Dorothy Day Chair: Leonard Oppenheimer

Provides meals for homeless and near-homeless people in the Metro area, through the Dorothy Day Center on the second Sunday of every month. Beth Jacob purchases food, which the volunteers prepare and serve.

Kesher Board Liaison: Rachel Hertel. Chair: Linda Perry. The Kesher committee determines how to welcome and retain members. Activities include phone calls and dinner invitations to all new members, an annual “New Member Shabbat,” Shabbat “Entryway Greeters,” and planning to make current members feel more connected to each other and the Beth Jacob community.

Social Justice Co-Chairs: Susan Cobin and JoAnn Pasternack

This committee advocates for issues of social justice, most recently the Conservative movement’s Magen Tzedek project. This initiative aims to establish standards for the production of kosher food that ensure the health and welfare of a company’s workers and the environment. Poverty and the Jewish Response

Inclusion Co-chairs: Beth Gendler and Sheyna Galyan

This committee works to insure that all programs and aspects of synagogue life are accessible to all members of the congregation. All congregants, irrespective of special needs or life circumstances, are equally valued and their participation in the life of the synagogue community is actively encouraged.

LEADERSHIP Leonard Oppenheimer, V.P.

Communications/Marketing Chairs: Michael Blumfield & Geoff Marshall. This committee works to improve and extend the network of communications among members of the synagogue community, as well as to reach out to those not affiliated with Beth Jacob.

Finance Board Liaison: Leonard Oppenheimer. This committee is responsible for the fiscal management of the synagogue. The committee’s key responsibilities include reviewing and recommending an annual operating budget, providing regular review of financial results, managing the synagogue’s endowment funds, and reviewing the overall financial status of the congregation.

Major Gifts and Endowment Co-Chairs: Louis Newman, Darla Kashian, and Stuart Bear. This committee works to expand our endowment program.



Co-Chairs: Eric Pasternack & Jeff Skochil, past co-presidents. Nominations Committee members are appointed by the synagogue president. Committee membership consists of seven members, including three members of the Board of Trustees and four other members of the congregation. The immediate past president chairs the Nominations Committee. The committee meets during the spring to nominate a slate of members for the Board of Trustees and synagogue officers.