All the Information You Need to Celebrate Pesach this Year!

In this season, where everything is constantly changing, our seders are going to be changing too.  Beth Jacob will be hosting a virtual community seder for the first night; we will also be arranging online seder groups for the second night. Whether or not you join a BJC seder, feel free to use these online haggadot: The Rabbinical Assembly’s ‘Feast of Freedom’, The Shalom Hartman Institute’s ‘A Different Night’, and PJ Library’s ‘In Every Generation’.

Click here for more Seder info or to sign up

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Service Schedule (All services online at

Siddur Lev Shalem for Shabbat/Pesach

Counting the Omer – Siddur Lev Shalem

Yizkor – Siddur Lev Shalem

Day 7 Study Session Materials

Wednesday, April 8, 7:00 a.m. Service and Siyum for First Born

7:32 pm – Candlelighting

Thursday, April 9 9:00 am: 1st Day of Passover Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

8:34 pm – Candlelighting (From a pre-existing flame)

Friday, April 10 9:00 am: 2nd Day of Passover Services – Story Day

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

7:32 pm – Shabbat Candlelighting

Saturday, April 11 9:00 am: Shabbat Pesach Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

8:37 pm: Havdalah

Sunday, April 12 8:30 am: Hol Hamoed Pesach Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

Monday, April 13 7:00 am: Hol Hamoed Pesach Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

Tuesday, April 14 7:00 am: Hol Hamoed Pesach Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

7:39 pm – Candlelighting

Wednesday, April 15 9:00 am: 7th Day of Passover Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

Study Session Materials

8:42 pm – Candlelighting (From a pre-existing flame)

Thursday, April 16 9:00 am: 8th Day of Passover Services

Torah and Hafatrah Readings

8:43 pm  – Havdalah

Selling Your Chametz (Mechirat Chametz), and Gifts to those in need at Pesach (Ma’ot Hittim):

Mechirat Chametz/Ma’ot Hittim Form

Pesach Information:

A Pesach Schedule/Guide – Printable Candle Lighting and Service Times, and all manner of Pesach info!

Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide – Kashering, permitted foods, and more!

The 15 Steps to the Seder – Keeping it in Order!


Online Resources to help with your seder:

Haggadah builder from make your own!

USCJ Webinar: Bridging the Distance: Creating an Engaging Virtual Seder Experience  PDF of Powerpoint From Webinar

Pesach Resources from USCJ – United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Jewish Journal’s How Different Will This Night Be: 10 Tips for Your Virtual Seder

Haggadah supplements and seder readings from AJWS

My Jewish Learning – A variety of information, Pesach and year-round.

Conservative Yeshiva Passover Resource Page

Rabbinical Assembly Passover Resource Page

JTS Passover Resource Page

Jewish Grandparents Network Passover Resource Page

Resources from Matan

“A Playful Passover” – An e-book from TC Jewfolk

Onetable’s Spotify Playlist

The HIAS Haggadah

Finally, if you’re not comfortable with a Zoom Seder, here’s a seder-like video from the Rabbinical Assembly to watch instead (or in addition to!).

Note: A limited number of Haggadot are available for sale at the Beth Jacob office.

Please call 651-452-2226 for details.