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Bracha and Bagels

BagelsBracha and Bagels

Wednesday Mornings after minyan (approx. 8 am)
With Rabbi Tamar Grimm
Explore contemporary teshuvot (responsa) to gain a deeper sense of how Jewish law has evolved and adapted in order to make Judaism relevant for our lives in a modern context.
Delicious breakfast provided!

Jew in the Pew

2nd & 4th Saturday Mornings With Rabbi Lynn Liberman – 9:15-10 am
torah 1Join Rabbi Lynn Liberman to discuss the weekly Torah portion through the lens of thought-provoking commentaries.
Class usually meets on 2nd & 4th Saturday mornings in the chapel.


Johana Schwartz’s D’var Torah

Johana-SchwartzMany people have requested the text of the D’var Torah that Johana Schwartz gave in shul on shabbat, July 25. Below is a link, and thanks again to Johana for her D’var!

Johana Schwartz D’var Torah