One of the best parts of Beth Jacob is sharing a meal together following Shabbat morning services at Kiddush lunch. People gather in groups small and large, share stories, laugh, joke, and meet new people. Kiddush helps us build the connections that make Beth Jacob a strong, vibrant community. By sponsoring a Kiddush, you participate in supporting and fostering that sense of community. You can honor someone, remember someone, celebrate a simcha, or put together a group who all have something in common (for example, “Twins fans”) to sponsor the Kiddush.

There are three levels of regular* Kiddush sponsorship, with amazingly simple names: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. They each include the Kiddush basics, and at each level the options, number of dishes, and type of foods increase. (These costs are based on normal Shabbat attendance of about 200-225 people; for some of the summer and a few winter and holiday weekends when fewer people generally attend, these prices are all 40% lower.) Each Kiddush has a range of items that may be chosen, based on cost of materials and preparation. Obviously, we can’t list every type of food here that people may request, so we will make any determinations necessary about the number and content of items requested on a case by case basis, including substitutions.

Kiddush Basics
Bagels/Cream cheese
Grape juice/Wine
Green salad
Cookies/bars/brownies for dessert

Level 1: $600
Kiddush Basics plus 2-3 cold/room temperature dishes (e.g., tuna salad, egg salad, orzo with pesto, carrot salad with mixed raisins, pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and feta, roasted sweet potato salad, white & wild rice with Craisins/green onions/feta, etc.). Cut fruit for the dessert table.

Level 2: $900
Kiddush Basics plus 4-5 cold/room temperature dishes, including more complex or more expensive options (e.g., Thai peanut noodles, roasted vegetable platters; one simple hot dish such as pasta with red sauce, barley with lentils and kale). Cut fruit for the dessert table, additional desserts.

Level 3: $1,200
Kiddush Basics plus 5-6 dishes, including cold and hot items (kugel, blintz souffle, baked ziti, potato knishes, etc.) Cut fruit for the dessert table, additional and/or specialty desserts (sheet cake, trifle, etc.)

Cost-Based Add-Ons
Due to their cost, some foods are add-on items only, and are not reduced in cost on the percentage scale. Examples are items such as lox platters, smoked trout salad, cheese platters, cakes or cupcakes from an outside source (such as the kosher bakery at Byerly’s in St. Louis Park), etc. These will be billed on a cost basis above the charge for whatever level Kiddush they are added to. (Lox and sliced vegetables for 225 people, for example, costs around $350 before any labor.)

If you’re interested in sponsoring a Kiddush, or have questions about sponsoring, get in touch with me. Maybe you’re putting together a group who are all fans of a particular team, or went to college in the same area, or just want to celebrate winter being over. Maybe you want to join in a Kiddush celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, or a group of people are observing yahrzeits for loved ones. Maybe you have another idea you want to try out. Whatever the case, get in touch with me, and I’ll work with you to set up the date for the Kiddush, to figure out what foods you want to have, and to communicate that information to our kitchen supervisor and to our Shabbat morning kitchen crew.

There are lots of reasons to sponsor a Kiddush. What are yours?

B’Shalom, Sean Murphy

*Not including the more complex Kiddushim such as you’ll find at b’nai mitzvah celebrations.