Minyan Katan | Children’s Service (for children 4 and under and their families)

Every Shabbat from 11:30 am – noon
Minyan Katan is a Shabbat morning service for young children. Bring a parent or guardian and your voice and dancing shoes. We come together for lively, songful tefillah; creative parent-led learning; and an occasional puppet show that will have your sides in stitches. To learn more, contact , .

Listen to the music and download our Minyan Katan Siddur.

Iyunim: Jewish Exploration (for children from age 3 through 4th grade)

iyunim-logo_filled_text Shabbat mornings at 9:30; one morning a month for the whole family
Iyunim is Beth Jacob’s hands-on, curiosity-driven Hebrew language and Jewish learning program on Shabbat mornings. (Iyunim has optional sessions on Wednesdays.) We ask big questions with our children and give them the tools to know each other as partners in learning.  We are growing these learning environments with our children. To learn more, contact , .

The values that drive the practice of our learning, in Iyunim and beyond, are these:

  • We value children and adults as responsible partners in learning, together creating the next layers of our ongoing Jewish conversation.
  • We value genuine listening that allows us to express and learn from multiple perspectives, creating a learning community in which each child and family is truly welcome.
  • We value living in Jewish time and using Hebrew language; Jewish stories are at the center of our learning.
  • We value a joyful, embodied, exploratory approach to learning, motivated by our children’s questions and curiosity.

Minyan Gadol (for children in grades K through 3rd)

Minyan Gadol brings more singing and joyful tefillot for children in grades K-3, who are learning more songs and prayers, and growing in their ability and interest in learning and leading. Families are welcome to join in. To learn more, contact , .

KS-Logo w-text - filled

Kehillat Shabbat (5th through 8th grades)

Shabbat mornings at about 10:15, after removing the Sefer Torah
Beth Jacob has a amazing team of teachers to work with your children. We are here to make meaning with them, to share learning with them, to teach, to be delighted in our Jewish learning, and to make community.

  • 5-6th graders focus on Tefillah and Torah, exploring ideas and narratives in the text. They will deepen their understanding of how Torah becomes part of Jewish life through story, interpretation, prayer, and language. They also learn and reinforce their skills of Hebrew, trope, and tefillah.
  • 7-8th graders will learn new ways to apply Jewish values in their own lives, reflecting their own new stages of life and abilities.

This learning is complementary to other Jewish learning contexts, and we do not focus on building Hebrew language skills on Shabbat mornings. We are happy to help make connections to other contexts for Jewish and Hebrew language learning — at one of the Talmud Torahs, in day school, or in one-on-one or small group learning environments. To learn more, contact , .

Youth Tefillah (4th through 7th grades)

We meet every week (even during vacations and summers) in the chapel just after the Torah service for joyful tefillah and a Torah discussion. Parents are welcome to join us.


Our teens are an essential part of youth learning at Beth Jacob. They help to lead youth tefillah and are madrichim in the nursery and in our older classes, working one on one and with small groups of children guided by their teachers. Our teens often read Torah and lead services in the main sanctuary, and participate in a teen sicha, a discussion on current issues and topics of interest led by our youth leaders.