Welcome (ברוכים הבאים) to Beth Jacob Congregation! We are an egalitarian Conservative synagogue of more than 350 families located in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, easily accessible from all parts of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. We are guided by the principles of Torah (study), Avodah (meaningful worship and work), and Gemilut Chasidim (acts of loving kindness). We exist as a congregation in order to practice and further our understanding of Conservative Judaism through the celebration of Shabbat, holidays and lifecycle events, and daily practice. More »

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Year of Torah Fundraiser

Donate to the Year of Torah Fundraiser Now

Just as we are sustained by the Torah, individually and together as a community, so we must sustain and maintain the Torah for the future of our community, for our children and their children, for the next generation.

As we complete the repairs to the parchment and begin the repairs to the text of our Torah scroll, we are asking each and every family to dedicate some element of the repairs by making a donation to our Year of Torah Annual Fundraiser. Sign up using the form below, and remember, you can donate in any amount!

Your participation is essential to the future of the Beth Jacob community and to the work that we are doing both now and throughout the year. Please consider what elements of the Torah repair you and your family would like to sponsor, and consider whether you can do one level higher.

Together, let us transmit Torah from generation to generation both by physically repairing our Torah scroll for the next generation of Beth Jacob, and by supporting the shul community that has been there to support each of us at our moments of need. Together, we can plant the seeds that will be the proverbial carob trees for our children and grandchildren, for our friends and neighbors, for our shul. Thank you!

 Sign up for your time to help restore the Torah here

Donate to the Fundraiser Now


Hebrew Learning

Whether you are an absolute beginner to Hebrew, or a fluent speaker looking for a chance to keep your skills up, we’ve got a free program for you to engage in more Hebrew speaking!
  • Hebrew_ConversationBeginning Hebrew with David Kenan – Sundays at 9:30 am
    Don’t know an aleph from an ayin? Try this class! Based on listening, this class will introduce 10 new Hebrew words per session, with handouts detailing the new words, the aleph-bet, the numerical values of the letters, and what a Hebrew keyboard looks like.
  • Practice Your Hebrew While You Eat
    On Shabbat, look for the Hebrew words and phrases on your kiddush table. Ask someone to pass the water. Or, ask how they’re doing. And, wish them a good week. Practice sheets will be on the kiddush tables each Shabbat so you can bone up on your Hebrew.
  • Shulchan Ivrit with David Kenan – Shabbat, after Kiddush (around 1 pm)
    Want to have discussions with others in Hebrew, working on expanding your grasp of conversations? This class is for people with some conversational Hebrew ability, and it will engage you in short conversations about specific topics or current events, with a few people each week introducing themselves in Hebrew. Talk to David Kenan for more details!

Bracha and Bagels

BagelsBracha and Bagels

Wednesday Mornings after minyan (approx. 8 am)
With Rabbi Tamar Grimm
Explore contemporary teshuvot (responsa) to gain a deeper sense of how Jewish law has evolved and adapted in order to make Judaism relevant for our lives in a modern context.
Delicious breakfast provided!

Jew in the Pew

Saturday Mornings With Rabbi Lynn Liberman – 9:15-10 am
torah 1Join Rabbi Lynn Liberman to discuss the weekly Torah portion through the lens of thought-provoking commentaries.
Class usually meets on 2nd & 4th Saturday mornings in the chapel.
Dec 12, 26.

Minyan Katan 

Minyan Katan: Every Week at 11:30 am!

Minyan Katan Logo

Minyan Katan is a joyful, playful shabbat morning service for kids birth-kindergarten with their grownups.  All are welcome!

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