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Beth Jacob Trip to Spain

Spain-Trip-1Journey to Spain with Beth Jacob! Rabbi Allen will be leading a shul trip, exploring the history and culture of the Jews of Spain, including (but definitely not limited to):
  • A visit the Palace of the Forgotten, a newly-opened museum about the Jewish history of Granada.
  • A tour of the Alhambra Palace.
  • A visit to Córdoba’s famous Cathedral-Mosque with its 1,000 colored columns.
  • A visit to the Jewish Quarter, the Statue of Maimonides and the Maimonides Synagogue.
  • A visit to the Picasso Museum.
  • Special program at Casa de Sefarad, dedicated to the history of the Sephardic Jews.
Contact Rabbi Allen (, 651-452-2226) if you’re interested or have questions.

Year of Torah


5776 is the Year of Torah (YoT) at Beth Jacob, a year-long celebration of Torah and community. The highlight will be the restoration of one of our Sifrei Torah. Everyone can participate in this hands-on restoration project, led by Beth Jacob Congregational Educator and Sofer D. Marcos Vital.

Upcoming Events:

  • Leyning (Torah chanting) class with Phyllis Gorin, starting Nov. 15! More Info/Sign up
  • Torah Restoration Event: November
    Sunday, November 22, 1:30-2:30 pm
    The first step in fixing a Torah is cleaning the Torah! Beth Jacob community will have our first opportunity this year to participate in the physical restoration of our scroll under the guidance of D.Marcos Vital, our sofer and educator. You’ll learn what a Torah is made of, and what it means to restore and take care of a scroll, and most importantly, get your hands working to clean our Torah! All ages are welcome to come and learn and encounter the scroll. Kids above the age of Kindergarten will be able to help clean the scroll.

Ask a Sofer
Do you have questions about how you make or restore a Torah? Ask a Sofer! Specifically, Sofer D.Marcos Vital. Click here to ask a question (or check out the answers to questions others have asked), and D.Marcos will give you an answer!

More information

Iyunim & Kehillat Shabbat: Register for Fall 

Please join our learning community! Don’t forget to register your children for activities and education at Beth Jacob:
Your children are the priority in youth learning at Beth Jacob. We foster their Jewish identity and strengthen their place in Jewish community through text, art, song, tefillah, and activities. We look forward to learning and growing with your children.
Contact D.Marcos Vital, Congregational Educator with questions ( – 651-452-2226).

Take Action for Children’s Nutrition Programs

Social Justice Committee Logo w-Text - FilledThe Beth Jacob Social Justice Committee has been promoting the Child Nutrition Programs, which include free school lunches for qualifying children, the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) food program, and other essential food programs. Although Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep the government functioning, the details of the child nutrition programs have not been determined. This bill still must first be passed by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Rep. John Kline, the chairman of this committee, represents the congressional district (#2) where the shul is located. So far, he has been reluctant to support the Child Nutrition Programs bill. This federal law touches all Americans, so letters and e-mails from people outside of his district are as valuables as those within it.

Please write to Rep. Kline, contact information below, asking him to support and expand the Child Nutrition Act in his committee. One in nine children in Minnesota depends on free school lunches and other included programs to receive at least minimal nutrition. Although some of the nutritional requirements in the 2010 law might not have been ideal, please encourage Rep. Kline to depend on nutritionists and other scientists to determine the details of the school lunch program. One that research has proven is that children have recess before lunch, which encourages them to finish their meal, eating the more nutritious fruits and vegetables better. We must encourage Rep. Kline not to reduce funding for other safety net programs like SNAP, half of whose recipients are children, to provide funding for the child nutrition programs. A last point we can make is that America’s future depends on an educated, healthy next generation. We know that hungry children cannot learn and do not grow up to be healthy. Giving them nutritional support now will help grow the future of this great country.

Take Action! Below find a letter to Rep. Kline. There is a space in it where you can write your personal reasons for supporting the continuation and maybe expansion of these programs. Please write a sentence or two giving your personal feelings. It makes the letter an individual note, rather than a generated campaign. Be sure to write your name and address on the letter. Even if you live in a different district, you will be impacted by this national law, and your opinion matters.

Representative Kline-Nutrition Programs Letter – PDF

Representative Kline-Nutrition Programs Letter – MS Word Doc (Editable)

Send to:
US Representative John Kline
350 West Burnsville Pkwy, Ste.135
Burnsville, MN 55337

Residents of the 2nd district can also use this web form.

Bracha and Bagels – New Series

Bracha and Bagels

BagelsNew Series Begins in September: Tefilah and Text
Wednesday Mornings after minyan (approx. 8 am)
With Rabbi Tamar Grimm
Delve deep into the words of the prayerbook.  Explore their origins in Biblical text, theological underpinnings and their place in our lives today.
Delicious breakfast provided!

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