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Tobin – Goldberg Debate






Immigration Shabbat

Saturday, January 21
 During Services, & Following Kiddush at 1 pm

Join us on the shabbat following the inauguration for two interesting learning opportunities!

First, Yanislav Wolfson will give a D’var Torah during services about his personal experiences immigrating to and living in the United States. Also during services, the prayer for our country will be read in many different voices.

Then, following kiddush, Cate Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator for Refugee Services at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota will speak about the program through which Beth Jacob will be sponsoring a refugee family.


Beth Jacob Salon*:

Where Are We Now?
Sunday, January 22, 2 pm

We’re living during a difficult time. The 2016 campaign and the election results have been challenging and distressing for many of us. As we learned at the Shavuot tikkun, “dispute for the sake of heaven” means that we can listen to, and respect, diverse points of view. We seek to understand what’s happening. We want to know what others are thinking. We all have points of view about the recent election season, and the days following the inauguration give us an opportunity to digest and process together. We are pleased that Tom Duke will be our facilitator to help guide us through a structured process in which we can share our thoughts and concerns about the political, social and cultural life of our country.

*A salon is a gathering of people who want to increase their knowledge through conversation.

Sponsored by Beth Jacob Congregation and By The Rivers


Classic Text Series 2017

Sunday mornings at 10 am
Beginning in January
January 22: 
Taught by Amy Josepha Ariel & Muniza Lalani Ahmed.
A Rose by Many Names: Chava, Hawwa, and Eve
Named Chava in the creation story, identified as Adam’s wife in the Quran, and named Hawwa in Hadith, Eve is in some ways the most familiar female figure from both the Jewish and Muslim traditions. For some, Eve represents sin, seduction, and the secondary nature of women. Jewish teachings frequently hold Adam and Eve to different levels of responsibility. Islamic teachings holds both equally accountable. It will be a journey to better know our shared matriarch.  Amy Ariel is a Jewish educator and the author of the middle-grade children’s book, Friends Forever. Muniza Ahmed teaches at Ismaili religious education centers throughout the country.


January 29:
Taught by Noam Sienna
Unknown Women of the Bible
Who knows the story of Ritzpa, the concubine of King Saul, who mourned for her children killed during the civil strife? Or Yehosheva, the royal daughter who preserved the Davidic line from Ba’al-worshipping mutineers? And what of the women who are not even named, but whose work is nonetheless essential for the narrative of our people: the ‘Witch’ of Endor, the Wise Women of Tekoa, the Widow of Tzarephat, and others? Taught by Noam Sienna, a Jewish educator, artist, and graduate student at the University of Minnesota. He focuses on the history and culture of Jewish communities in the Islamic world.


February 19:
Taught by Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff
Tamar – Harlot or heroine?
In Genesis, when Tamar hears that her father in law, Judah, will be travelling, she dresses as a harlot and intercepts him on his journey. What ensues is a brief but powerful encounter. We will examine multiple facets of Tamar’s behavior and her role in the overall Biblical narrative. Taught by Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff, staff rabbi and chaplain at Sholom Home East.

Challah Baking


Thursday, January 26, 6:30 pm

Do you like challah? Would you like to learn to make it, or try a new recipe? Come to Beth Jacob’s monthly Challah Baking Class! Each class is taught by a different Beth Jacob Challah Baker. Come to one, two, or join us every month! RSVP at Beth-Jacob.org/challah.

BJUSY Pancake Breakfast


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