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Hearing Her Voice

Summer Education Series
Jewish women have used their voices for thousands of years – to teach, to celebrate, to comfort, to prod us to be better. Woman’s voices have always been present, though we have not always been culturally attuned to hear them. This summer, hear Jewish women’s voices. Learn how women’s voices have shaped, and continue to shape, our tradition. Hear their stories.
    • Over the summer we will post a weekly quote by a prominent Jewish woman. Spanning from ancient to contemporary women, the quotes will be posted on the Beth Jacob Facebook page; make sure to like our Facebook page (just click here, then click the “like” button) to see the quotes in your feed. You’re invited to comment – What are your thoughts & reactions about the quote?


    • Learning evening: 7 pm Wednesday, July 11
      We will encounter together contemporary teachers on this subject through audio and video material. Rabbi Tamar will facilitate. Topic for discussion: rabbinic voices on sexual assault.


    • Book Discussion: 7 pm Wednesday July 18
      Beth Jacob’s own Mara Benjamin will discuss her new book, The Obligated Self: Maternal Subjectivity and Jewish Thought. More about the book

    • Learning evening: 7 pm Wednesday, July 25
      We will encounter together contemporary teachers on this subject through audio and video material. D. Marcos will facilitate. Topic for discussion: Women in the Torah.

    • Movie: The Women’s Balcony
      Wednesday, August 8 at 7 pm
      An accident during a bar mitzvah celebration leads to a gender rift in a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem, in this rousing, good-hearted tale about women speaking truth to patriarchal power.

    • Women of the Bible Through an Artist’s Eyes
      Wednesday, August 15, at 7 pm
      Artist Dina O’Sullivan exhibits her drawings of women of the Bible and describes her interaction with their stories.

Shabbatluck Picnic

Post-Kiddush Learning: Cultivating Understanding Across Divides

Saturday, July 21 around 1 pm
As we head toward Tisha B’Av, Sharon Press, Director of the Dispute Resolution Institute at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, will discuss her work in mediation and conflict resolution, sharing how we increase understanding irrespective of disagreements.  Sharon has extensive experience in this field, including facilitating conversations in the Falcon Heights neighborhood that brought together a community of angry, upset, and frightened neighbors following the shooting of Philando Castile in 2016.  Sharon will share with us about her work in mediation and dialogue, followed by questions and an opportunity to discuss ways to value the humanity in others across divides while still advocating for our deeply held values.

BJC Israel Trip

A Journey of our Shared Love & Responsibility
Led by Rabbi Morris Allen
December 25, 2018 – January 6, 2019
Travel to Israel during this 70th year of its Independence to both grapple with the challenges it faces, and the successes it shares. It will be a journey to remember, an opportunity for deepening our love of and our responsibility to Israel. It will provide an opportunity for seeing the challenges of pluralism, the need for peace and reconciliation with our Palestinian neighbors, and the need to better understand the needs of the minority cultures inside the State.


Click here for more info or to register.
Email Rabbi Allen if you’re interested,
or if you have any questions!

Rabbinic Transition Process

For information and updates on the Beth Jacob Rabbinic Transition process, including the Search Committee makeup, Survey and Conversation reports, and a Timeline, go to the “Rabbi Transition” tab on the top of the page, or click here.

Divrei Torah

Check out our archive of Divrei Torah; the most recent addition being Arie Zmora’s from April 2018. These are now available for those who missed them the first time, or who want to revisit them.

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