Register for Limudim: Our Learning Community! 2024-2025 (5785)

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We are excited to announce Beth Jacob’s brand new youth education program beginning in September 2024! Limudim will meet twice a week for grades 2-8, and once a week for PreK-1st grade! 

Limudim’s Mission

Limudim is where Jewish learning comes alive in an environment that fosters a foundation for a lifetime of exploration, connection, and meaningful Jewish engagement. 

At Limudim students acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants who will proudly contribute to the Jewish community and the world. Limudim serves as the foundation for a lifelong journey of Jewish engagement, building a vibrant Jewish future, one student at a time.


Limudim will take place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Tuesdays will include options for dinner and the opportunity for adults to participate along with our children.

Shabbat mornings

  • 9:30am – 12:00pm
  • beginning Sept 7, 2024 (PreK-8th grade, 9th-12th grade madrichim) 

Tuesday evenings

  • beginning Sept 10, 2024 (Grades 2-8) 
  • 5:00 – 5:30 Dinner (optional) and welcome activities
  • 5:30 – 7:30 Engaging and interactive learning program 
  • Options for adults will include participating in adult-focused classes, supporting teachers in children’s classes, dropping off their students, or staying at Beth Jacob to use a “family lounge” area for work or rest.

If your student is unable to attend Tuesday evenings in person, please contact Rabbi Justin. We want to ensure all families are able to participate. 

9th – 12th Grade Madrichim

9th-12th Graders are invited to serve as Madrichim (classroom assistants) on Saturday mornings. Serving as a Madrich is a fantastic way to give back to the Beth Jacob community, connect with younger friends and students, and gain professional skills. 


Program cost for the year will be $875 for students attending one day a week (PreK-1st grade) and $1,750 for students attending two days per week.

A 10% discount is available for families with multiple children in the program, and a 50% discount for students enrolled in Jewish Day Schools. Consistent with our Beth Jacob values, cost will not be a barrier to participation, and scholarships will be available! In addition, depending on the success of our fundraising efforts, we may be able to lower costs for all participants.

While most B’nai Mitzvah preparation will occur in Limudim, there will be an additional fee of $45/hour for one-on-one tutoring. 


Registration signup will open soon on ShulCloud here.

Note: You do not have to be a member of Beth Jacob to participate! If you’re not a member, you will have the option to set up a ShulCloud account during registration.

We want your input!

This program is being developed by a committee of Beth Jacob members, including Rabbi Justin and Rabbi Tamar, parents, and educators. We are gathering input from families and we look forward to adjusting and improving throughout this pilot year. Members of our planning committee will be reaching out periodically and we welcome your input at any time! Join our Limudim mailing list.

If you have questions or want to provide feedback about the program, please contact Rabbi Justin Held at


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