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This Weekend:

  • Friday, 6 pm: Kabbalat Shabbat service
  • Saturday, 9 am: Shabbat Services with a special welcome at 10 am
  • Saturday, 5 pm: Seudah Shlishit
  • Sunday, at 10 am: Car Parade past the Rubin/Schleyer home (meet at Beth Jacob)

RSVP is mandatory for the Kabbalat Shabbat and Seudah Shlishit events.

Also, starting July 14, we have scheduled many Zoom “Get to Know Rabbi Rubin” sessions around different interests and demographics; one is already full – register for the one you want today!

More Info: Welcome Weekend Events & “Get to Know Rabbi Rubin” Sessions


Saturday, July 18: Taking Action for Racial Justice in Memory of George Floyd (z”l)

Join with other members of Beth Jacob Congregation on July 18th as we sponsor kiddush kits and raise funds. All donations beyond the expense of this Kiddush are being donated to the Restore North fundraising campaign, to restore locally owned businesses in North Minneapolis.

“Locally-owned businesses on West Broadway, Lowry Avenue, and Penn Avenue have experienced fires, looting, and structural damage. As a result, many in North Minneapolis have lost immediate access to food and medicine. Restore North will help the community rebuild, with 100% of all proceeds going directly to affected businesses and the community.”

The Northside is often a community that’s forgotten and underfunded, and right now they need extra support.

To help sponsor, click here; for “Fund” choose “I would like to sponsor a Kiddush”; then choose “Other Dedication” and write in the name “George Floyd Kiddush”, or you can send a check to Sean.


Sunday, July 26, 10 – 11:30 am
On Zoom at

Join Dr. Abigail Gewirtz for a clear and practical guide to discussing sensitive topics. In a complicated world, big issues make both parents and children anxious—from disturbingly routine active shooter drills at school, to frightening news about climate change, pandemics, racial justice issues, and violence. It’s all too easy for parents to feel at a loss for how to equip their child to deal with it all in a healthy way.

In When the World Feels Like a Scary Place: Essential Conversations for Anxious Parents & Worried Kids, Dr. Abigail Gewirtz, an award-winning child psychologist and leading expert on families under stress, offers parents a clear and practical guide to discussing these sensitive topics in a calm, reassuring, and productive way that will help kids comprehend and process the world around them.


For classes and other resources, click here.

9 am Saturday
Saturday morning we will stream starting at 9, including the Torah & Haftarah readings, and a d’var Torah.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be in the weekly email; the link above will take you to the YouTube Livestream of the Zoom Meeting.

Noon Saturday
At the same link as Zoom Services, Available in the weekly email or Kol Ya’akov.

11 am Saturday
Join Rabbi Emma and Benj for a half hour of kids’ tefillah on Zoom. We’ll sing and dance. The usual stuff. Just from all our living rooms. PJs welcome. Bring your tallis or another cloth to make a tent with. Bring a stuffed Torah or something else to carry for the Torah parade. PDF siddur available at


7:15 am M-F; 8:30 Sundays; 7 am Rosh Chodesh
Morning Minyan via Zoom. Just click the link above when it’s time for minyan.

You can find the siddur here:
Shiva Minyan siddur available at


Not being together in person shouldn’t stop our fancy hat wearing! Join the Zoom services August 1st in your fanciest hat. Bonus: invite out of town loved ones to participate!
Anyone who wants to contribute financially should contact Orit at or Elaine at, or you can donate online directly. All contributions are appreciated!

Summer Learning for Pre-K – 6th grades

Kayitz 2020 Theme-Based Jewish Learning:
We are planning four themed sessions of Jewish Learning throughout the Summer. Each session will last three weeks and there will be a variety of ways to participate and stay connected. When you sign up, you can choose which sessions to attend. Dates and themes:
  • Session 1: June 7th – June 27th: Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim (caring for animals)
  • Session 2: June 28th – July 18th: Shmirat Haguf (caring for our bodies)
  • Session 3: July 19th – August 8th: Bal Tashchit (do not destroy)
  • Session 4: August 9th – August 29th: Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)
Kayitz 2020 Hebrew Blast:
This add-on is for students who want to expand their Hebrew knowledge over the summer! We will have weekly involvement in Hebrew learning and practice! You can select the times that work best for your student on our sign-up sheet.
Kayitz 2020 Pre-Shabbat Song Session:
This add-on is for anyone who wants to bring in Shabbat together via Zoom! Once a month, we will have a song-session to welcome Shabbat together.
We can’t wait to learn with you this Summer! Remember that sign-up is required and can be found here.   Please be in contact with Tauby at if you have any questions!


Final Update

The Beth Jacob Congregation Rabbinical Search Committee has now completed their work.

The Board charged us with finding the best fit rabbi for Beth Jacob, and we have successfully done that.  The Board also charged us with building community while we did our work.  Yasher koach to the Committee for staying resilient and committed throughout a long and sometimes tedious process.  And yasher koach to our beloved Beth Jacob community, who rallied around us with individual and collective support.  This is how community is built.

In particular, we would like the thank the following individuals for their tireless efforts and cooperation during the recent interview process: Rabbi Morris Allen, Rabbi Sami Barth, Ayelet Ehrlich, Eliav Ehrlich, Jonathan Ehrlich, Mitch Fink, Frances Fischer, Ted Flaum, Cynthia Freedman, David Harris, Rebecca Goffman, Robert Goffman, Barry Golob, Phyllis Gorin, Mike Keller, Monica Kelley, Rabbi Lynn Liberman, Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm, Brian Milberg, Bernie Miller, Susie Minsberg, Neil Moses-Zirkes, Susan Moses- Zirkes, Sean Murphy, Nataliya Mykytchuk, Sara Lynn Newberger, Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff, Eric Pasternack, Jo Pasternack, Beth Pearlman, Elaine Samuelson, Louise Schoenberger, Aaron Silver, and Heidi Tarshish.

Please pardon the oversight if we inadvertently left your name off of this list.

We will be turning off our Search email in the next week, but until then, we welcome messages to the full committee and will forward them, as we receive them.
-Ricka Kohnstamm and Rosanne Zaidenweber

Wine and Chocolate Sale

To Benefit BJC Youth Programs

(and people who like wine and/or chocolate!)

The Beth Jacob Youth Committee is coordinating the annual Wine and Chocolate Sale, with proceeds going to benefit Beth Jacob youth programs. All wine and chocolates are kosher for Passover (and year-round!); stock up on your favorites, especially if you have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, or other simcha.
Make sure to stop by for a tasting at the Purim party and the Purim Carnival! Peruse your choices on the order forms:
Would you like to volunteer to help (looking at you, BJUSY/Kadima parents!) with tastings at Purim or the Purim Carnival? Click here!


Help Keep Our Connections Strong
At the heart of our Beth Jacob community is our connection with one another.  At this time of physical distancing, we want to maintain as much as possible the closeness of our connections with one another.Many of us are wondering what we can do to support each other during this complicated time. We are asking for volunteers who are willing to make phone calls to fellow congregants. If you are willing, we will give you a small list of families to check in with on a weekly basis.  Let’s help each other feel connected and in touch with our community.