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Share your thoughts on the  Upcoming Interim Year at BJC

As you think about the upcoming interim year, what makes you feel excited, curious, uncertain?

Share your perspectives with the Board, Search and Transition committees as they prepare for the coming year.  Join a congregational conversation!

With this interim year, the goal is for our congregation to take time to pause, between where we have been and where we are going. We will take the opportunity to understand even more deeply who we are and how we want to move confidently forward in our future.

Please sign up here to participate in a Congregational Conversation.

Questions? Email, or contact Tamar Resnick, Rachel Hertel, or Aaron Silver.

Rabbinic Transition Process

For information and updates on the Beth Jacob Rabbinic Transition process, including Search Committee updates, Survey and Conversation reports, and a Timeline, go to the “Rabbi Transition” tab on the top of the page, or click here.

LOL Ya’akov – Purim Newsletter

If you missed it, or just want to read it again, here is the Purim newsletter, renamed this year to the “LOL Ya’akov“. And make sure to check out all of our 2019 Purim Posters too!

High Holy Day Sermons 5779

For those who would like to read or revisit Rabbi Tamar Grimm’s Divrei Torah:

Rosh Hashanah Day 1

Kol Nidre

Yom Kippur Yizkor

Divrei Torah

Check out our archive of Divrei Torah. These are available for those who missed them the first time, or who want to revisit them.

Click here to read them!

Medical Device Share

Many congregants have medical equipment in their homes that they needed temporarily, but no longer need. Many items are only gathering cobwebs (crutches, shower chairs, wheel chairs or “travel” chairs, etc.). Most of us would love for them to be used and are willing to lend them out.
Beth Jacob has set up a way to share your equipment or borrow what you need; go to Add your name and item to the list, or, if you need an item, contact the person who has it. Refuah Shleimah!





Beth Jacob Congregation teens went to DC along with other Twin City Jewish Teens for the “March for our Lives”, and we printed these shirts and sweatshirts! Proceeds help to support the cause (eliminating gun violence). Shirts are $10 each; sweatshirts $25. Want one?

Click here!

Kol Narishkeit

If you lost your copy, want to share it with out of state relatives, or just want to use electricity while reading it, here is the Kol Narishkeit, part of BJC’s annual Purim dose of wackiness. Happy Adar!

Kol Narishkeit Archive

Winter Light at the Arboretum with Beth Jacob


Thursday Dec 29, 6:30pm

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the Winter Light exhibit at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and experience the stunning light exhibition of acclaimed British artist Bruce Munro. The large-scale outdoor installations of colors and sounds create a unique and powerful experience that marries artistry and nature. What better way to celebrate Hanukkah than with thousands of colorful radiant lights in the gardens!

Meet at Beth Jacob at 6:30 for a chartered bus to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, tour the grounds and enjoy the exhibit. Eat early, bring a picnic, or enjoy vegetarian food for purchase at the Arboretum. The bus ride will be full of Hanukkah reverie, with snacks, songs, and even a bus-friendly candle lighting!

The price is $10 per person. Register today!






Hebrew Class