Beth Jacob’s services are completely lay-led. We welcome participation in all aspects of synagogue life. Please contact one of the following people to participate in services:

To read Torah or Haftarah (Shabbat): While services are on Zoom, we’re chanting these texts from our own books. Less memorization, more participation! Contact Aaron Silver and Giulia Girgenti at

To read Torah (weekday), Eric Pasternack, (651) 994-9793,

To have an aliyah/lead services: Stuart Bear, (651) 686-4888, , or Arielle Ehrlich, (651) 686-5140,, or Eric Pasternack (651) 994-9793,

To give a d’var torah: Rabbi Adam Rubin, (651) 452-2226,

We try to keep ourselves informed as to significant events in the life of members of the congregation in order to honor them with an aliyah when appropriate. Please let one of the gabbaim (Stuart Bear, Arielle Ehrlich, Laura Honan or Eric Pasternack) know if you or somebody that you know should have an honor.