In accordance with the policies adopted by our reopening committee, we intend to gather for tefillot in person outside the synagogue on the second morning of Sukkot, during Hol Ha-Moed for morning minyan, and a Simchat Torah celebration in the afternoon on Simchat Torah day (Sunday, October 11). There will be no alternate plans in case of inclement weather.

Physical distancing will be observed and masks will be worn, and all tefillot will also be ‘simulcast’ via Zoom to those unable to be there in person.

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High holiday forms will be up by Tuesday, September 1.


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9 am Saturday
At Beth-Jacob.org/Live
Saturday morning we will stream starting at 9, including the Torah & Haftarah readings, and a d’var Torah.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be in the weekly email; the link above will take you to the YouTube Livestream of the Zoom Meeting.

Noon Saturday
At the same link as Zoom Services, Available in the weekly email or Kol Ya’akov.

11:30 am Saturdays
On Zoom at Beth-Jacob.org/Family

Families with children ages age 0 to 4th grade: join Rabbi Tamar for a half-hour of kids’ tefillah on zoom. We’ll sing and dance. The usual stuff. From our living rooms. PJs welcome! Bring your tallis or another cloth to make a tent with. Bring a stuffed Torah or something else to carry for the Torah parade.

PDF siddur available at Beth-Jacob.org/MKsiddur.


7:15 am M-F; 8:30 Sundays; 7 am Rosh Chodesh
At Beth-Jacob.org/Live
Morning Minyan via Zoom. Just click the link above when it’s time for minyan.

You can find the siddur here: Beth-Jacob.org/Siddur.
Shiva Minyan siddur available at Beth-Jacob.org/ShivaSiddur

LOL Ya’akov – Purim Newsletter

If you missed it, or just want to read it again, here is the Purim newsletter, renamed this year to the “LOL Ya’akov“. And make sure to check out all of our 2019 Purim Posters too!

Selichot Film & Services


The High Holy Day season kicks off with Selichot services, preceded this year by the film “The Penalty,” and a discussion of the death penalty in America.

The Penalty” is a feature film that goes behind the scenes of some of the biggest headlines in the history of America’s death penalty. It follows three people caught in the cross-hairs of capital punishment and the political landscape that could decide their fate.

There is no charge for this event.

A Milestone Shabbat

Saturday, June 30
Please join us at Beth Jacob for a very special Shabbat honoring Rabbi Allen! On June 30th, come for services and a beautiful kiddush lunch as we honor and celebrate Rabbi Morris Allen for 32 years of amazing leadership! This is Rabbi Allen’s last Shabbat on the bimah before he begins his sabbatical year; don’t miss it!
Kiddush is being sponsored in honor of Rabbi Allen by members of the sanctuary sections and minyanim throughout the soul community; click here to join in and sponsor Kiddish along with your section or minyan! 

Post-Kiddush Learning: Aging in Israel

After Kiddush; Saturday, June 23

Join us for a Post-Kiddush Learning session to learn about innovative models of care, as well as challenges faced when aging in Israel’s multi-faith and multicultural society. Rabbis Lynn Liberman, Cathy Nemiroff and Sharon Stiefel will share insights from their recent study tour in Israel. The tour included dialogue with policy makers, innovators in the field, and experts on alternative models of aging.  They visited sites serving populations including frail elderly, people with dementia, kibbutz residents, Holocaust survivors, and Arab citizens.

100 Years of the Balfour Declaration


Thursday, November 9, 7 pm

Beth Jacob Congregation
On November 2, 1917 the British government made a monumental public statement, the Balfour Declaration, which was instrumental in moving forward the dream of establishing a Jewish state. On Thursday, November 9th, join us as we host a distinguished panel of professors:
  • Dr. David Itzkowitz
  • Dr. Riv-Ellen Prell
  • Dr. Arie Zmora
Together they will explore the historical context and impact of this pivotal declaration from a variety of viewpoints, and how those have played out throughout the last century up until the current day.

Josh Warshawsky

Friday evening, November 10
Saturday, November 11


Musician Josh Warshawsky is coming to Beth Jacob! Josh has shared his original melodies with Jewish communities throughout the US and Canada. His first full-length album, “Mah Rabu” can be found on iTunes (listen here!). His music can be heard at Ramah and URJ summer camps as well as at NFTY and USY conventions across the country.
Friday, November 10 at 5:30
Join us for a song filled Shabbat with musician Josh Warshawsky, November 10-11! Josh is a talented songleader from Camp Ramah, and all of the kids just love him. This special Shabbat program is free for families with Ramah-age kids and under. Your family will love Josh’s enthusiasm and musical talent. This event is not to be missed! There is no charge for the dinner.

Saturday, November 11
Don’t be surprised to see Josh leading Minyan Gadol and Youth Tefila during Shabbat morning youth programming,
And after kiddush, stay for an afternoon of song and z’mirot, as Josh brings ruach and kavanah to a special Shabbat afternoon.

Ramah Director to Visit Iyunim Family Sunday

Sunday, November 12
Jacob Cytryn, Director of Camp Ramah Wisconsin, is coming to Beth Jacob! At the end of our Iyunim Family Sunday program at 11:30 am we will have pizza and schmoozing with Jacob for families of all ages. In addtion, families with children in grade 5 and up can meet with Jacob between 9:30-11:30 to discuss their plans for the summer. We want to encourage all of you to attend these events, and to find out more about this special place, and to discover more about the joys of camping as part of the larger Conservative Jewish community.

Camp Ramah Wisconsin

Camp Ramah offers an 8-week session for campers entering 7-11th grade. There are two 4-week sessions for entering 5th and 6th graders and two 12-day sessions for campers entering 4th grade. In addition, there is a 4-day Ruach Ramah program for children entering 3rd grade this coming summer which they can attend at no cost thanks to the Rabinowitz Porter incentive scholarship!