Beth Jacob has a warm and dependable daily morning minyan. Typically, 15-30 people gather in the chapel in the early morning to daven Shacharit and begin the day at shul. Smachot are celebrated and mourners are comforted. Please consider making Shacharit part of each day.

Participation and Honors

Daily Shacharit

In person, and on Zoom at
Sundays and National Holidays*, 8:30 am
Monday-Friday: 7:15 am, 7:00 am on Rosh Hodesh

* National holidays: January 1st, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25th

Join us for Morning Mishnah
Wednesdays after morning minyan, about 8 am
A morning shiur with , and others. Our learning chug (circle) meets for half an hour over breakfast, digging into rabbinic text related to the cycle of the Jewish year.