Our Kiddush luncheon following Shabbat morning services is one of the best parts of Beth Jacob. People gather to share stories, laugh, joke, and meet new people. With Kiddush, we build connections that make Beth Jacob a strong, vibrant community.

By sponsoring Kiddush, you help foster that sense of community. You can sponsor a Kiddush to honor someone, remember someone, celebrate a simcha, or a group can celebrate something they have in common (for example, Fancy Hat Shabbat, Camp Shabbat, Dog Lover Shabbat, Birthday Month, Sports Event).

We have multiple options for Kiddush sponsorship. Each Kiddush menu has a range of choices. The cost of each level covers food, labor, linens, and overhead costs associated with hosting a Kiddush luncheon. Sponsors are always welcome and encouraged to take home any leftover food from kiddush!

To sponsor a Kiddush, please contact the Executive Director, Sonya Rapport. Sonya will help you to set the date for your Kiddush and will connect you with the kitchen manager to discuss the menu and to Elaine Samuelson, Financial Manager, to address payment.

Thank you to everyone who contributes and helps make weekly kiddushes possible!

We offer several levels of kiddush sponsorship, see below for details.

If you are unable to financially support even the Basic Kiddush, you are welcome to make a donation to the Kiddush Fund in honor of the occasion or in memory of a loved one. This immensely helps to maintain the kiddush fund and supports kiddushes that are not fully sponsored. These donations will be acknowledged in the Kol Yaakov quarterly newsletter. Alternatively we encourage you to team up with another community member that also wants to sponsor a kiddush in order to cover the cost of a basic kiddush.

Basic Kiddush: $818

  • Challah
  • Bagels & cream cheese
  • Two Cold Dishes (ex. tuna salad, egg salad, etc.)
  • Green salad 
  • Dessert (cookies/bars/brownies/etc.)
    • Add on fruit for $72

Kiddush Level 1: $936

  • Includes Basic Kiddush
  • Plus 1 hot dish (ex. Pasta with red sauce, Kugel, Blintz souffle, Potato knishes)
  • Fruit

Kiddush Level 2: $1,154

  • Includes Basic Kiddush
  • Plus 2 hot dishes (ex. Pasta with red sauce, Kugel, Blintz souffle, Potato knishes)
  • Fruit

Kiddush Level 3: $1,360

  • Incudes Basic Kiddush items
  • Plus 2 addition Cold Dishes
  • Plus 2 Hot Dishes
  • Fruit
  • Special dessert such as sheet cake or trifle 

Cost-Based Add-Ons
Some foods are add-on items.

  • White Fish Salad: $100
  • Lox: $300