Our Kiddush luncheon following Shabbat morning services is one of the best parts of Beth Jacob. People gather to share stories, laugh, joke, and meet new people. With Kiddush, we build connections that make Beth Jacob a strong, vibrant community. By sponsoring Kiddush, you foster that sense of community. You can sponsor a Kiddush to honor someone, remember someone, celebrate a simcha, or a group can celebrate something in they have common (for example, the Minnesota Twins’ season opener).

We have three levels of regular* Kiddush sponsorship. Each includes Kiddush basics, and at each level the number and kinds of foods increase. Each Kiddush menu has a range of items based on the cost of ingredients and preparation. For off-menu items, we calculate the quantity and content, including substitutions. These costs are for normal Shabbat attendance of about 200-225 people.

Kiddush Basics
Bagels and cream cheese
Grape juice and wine
Green salad
Cookies, bars and brownies for dessert

Level 1: $600
Kiddush Basics plus 2-3 cold or room temperature dishes such as tuna salad; egg salad; orzo with pesto; carrot salad with mixed raisins; pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and feta; roasted sweet potato salad; white and wild rice salad with dried cranberries, green onions and feta. Cut fruit for the dessert table.

Level 2: $900
Kiddush Basics plus 4-5 cold or room temperature dishes, including more complex or expensive options such as Thai peanut noodles or barley with lentils and kale, and one simple hot dish such as pasta with red sauce. Cut fruit for the dessert table as well as more sweets.

Level 3: $1,200
Kiddush Basics plus 5-6 dishes, including cold and hot items such as kugel, blintz soufflé, baked ziti, or potato knishes. Cut fruit for the dessert table and more desserts or specialty desserts such as a sheet cake or trifle.

Cost-Based Add-Ons
Some foods are add-on items. Lox platters, smoked trout salad, cheese platters, and cakes or cupcakes from an outside source such as the kosher bakery at Byerly’s in St. Louis Park are add-one items. Beth Jacob bills add-on items at cost above the selected Kiddush level. For example, lox and sliced vegetables for 225 people costs about $350 before labor.

To sponsor a Kiddush, contact , . They will help you to set the date for your Kiddush and discuss your menu and give our kitchen supervisor and Shabbat morning kitchen crew all the information they need to serve your Kiddush.

*Families may sponsor a fancy Kiddush to celebrate, for example, b’nai mitzvah.