Learn to lead Shabbat services with Amy Olson and Ken Silver. These recordings are from the CD we give our b’nai mitzvah students. The page numbers for each prayer are for pages in Siddur Lev Shalem for Shabbat & Festivals.


Shochen Ad/uvmakhalot (page 147)

Yishtabach/Hatzi Kaddish (page 148)

Barchu (page 149)

El Adon (page 151)

L’El Asher Shavat (page 152)

Titbarach/Kulam Ahuvim (page 153)

Ahavah Rabah (page 154)

Shema Uvirchotecha (page 155)

Emet/L’dor vador (pages 156-157)

Ezrat Avoteinu/MiChamocha/Tsur Yisrael (pages 157-158)

Avot/G’vurot (pages 159-160)

Kedusha (Shaharit) (page 161)

Yismach Moshe/V’shamru (page 162)

R’tzeh/Modim (pages 163-164)

V’Al Kulam/V’Kol Hahayim/Bircat Cohanim (pages 164-165)

Sim Shalom (page 165)

Kaddish Shalem (page 167)


Service for taking the Torah out of the Ark

En Kamocha (page 168)

Bey Ana Rochetz (page 170)

Shema (page 171)


Torah Blessings

Torah Blessings (page 172)


Blessings before Haftarah

Blessing before Haftarah (page 175)

Paragraph One

Paragraph Two

Paragraph Three

Paragraph Four

Paragraph Five

Paragraph Six


Service for returning the Torah to the Ark

Yekum Purkan (page 176)

Ashrei (page 181)

Hachnasat HaTorah (page 183)

Uv’nuchoh Yomar (page 184)



Hatzi Kaddish (page 184)

Avot/G’vurot (pages 185-186)

Kedusha – Musaf (page 187)

Kaddish Shalem (page 203)


Kiddush and Havdalah

Friday Night Kiddush (page 55)

Havdalah (page 283)