Social Justice Committee

What is at stake in the coming year? And what will be our response?

The Beth Jacob Social Justice Committee invites you to join us for a series of post-Kiddush sessions about critical social justice issues and our response as Jews.

With input from Beth Jacob congregants we are planning a schedule of speakers and discussions on topics such as the anti-gay marriage amendment, the proposed voter ID law, immigration, the widening “wealth and opportunity” gap, and other issues that may arise during the important election year that faces us.

We will learn together, deepen our understanding of these issues, and share opportunities for action. For more information or to help us plan this important series, please contact Social Justice committee Co-Chairs Peter Glick petesw AT yahoo DOT com or Pete Magee magee AT umn DOT edu.

The most current updated schedule information is always available on ourĀ calendar!

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