Beth Jacob is a participatory congregation, and we provide an explanation of the service and a transliteration booklet.  It is our hope that B’nai Mitzvah guests, both young and old, will understand that their presence and participation in services helps to enhance the Shabbat community in our congregation.  Please remind the B’nai Mitzvah guests that they are to remain in the sanctuary and to participate in all appropriate ways.  By their remaining in the sanctuary, their presence adds honor to the B’nai Mitzvah celebration.

Guests and those participating in the service should wear appropriately modest attire. Some people are allergic to perfumes and perfumed products. Please help us keep Beth Jacob a friendly place for all by informing your guests of our policy on limiting their use of scented products.

Beth Jacob is pleased to welcome to the congregation your child’s peers, friends, and family who may not be familiar with the Shabbat morning service or a synagogue. Here is an article to learn what to expect, and here is a letter you might want to include to your child’s friends along with the invitation. It explains the appropriate time to arrive (9:40 am), the dress code, and to anticipate a long service.

We ask that you provide adult supervision for your child’s friends who will be seated together in the synagogue to assure that appropriate decorum is maintained throughout the service.

For the convenience of your guests with small children, please notify them of our Shabbat morning childcare service and crying room for your youngest visitors!.

Shabbat Home Hospitality for Guests

If you have guests who do not travel on Shabbat, contact Rabbi Rubin about home hospitality.

Please see Hosting Events at Beth Jacob for information about housing, and hotels.