Recently, Harlan Jacobs gave the D’var Torah. He asked our congregation to lift our voices in advocacy efforts on behalf of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel. This community has struggled over thirty years to become more successfully absorbed into modern day Israeli society. Harlan urged that letters be written to the Israel Consul General in Chicago to express our concern for the welfare of this precious remnant of World Jewry as it makes the transition from a pastoral and patriarchal society into the modern technocracy that is modern day Israel.

Below is a sample letter for you to send.
Note: The Consul General’s office is only logging snail mail letters, not e-mails, so the address is included with the letter sample.

The Honorable Roey Gilad
Consul General
Consulate General of Israel
To the Midwest
500 West Madison Street
Suite 3100
Chicago Illinois 60661

Re: Ethiopian Jewish Life in Israel

Dear Consul General Gilad:
We admire and respect the fact that Israel with the help of our Jewish community here in Minnesota helped to make possible the historical airlift of Ethiopian Jewry when our own Senator Rudy Boschwitz negotiated the ransom for their release and in turn for the airlift that made their Aliyah possible. We remain proud and in awe of this historic achievement. It was the first time in recorded history that Africans were brought out of their lands with a love and commitment to lead better lives.

We must build on this historical achievement by working hard to assure that those Jewish Ethiopians now living in Eretz Yisrael are given every possible opportunity that can be offered to help assure their successful integration and absorption into Israeli society.

The well being of this precious remnant of Jewish People is important to our Jewish community. We look forward to the State of Israel continuing its efforts and quite possibly increasing its efforts in view of the recent strife in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

We stand with the sentiments expressed by Israel’s President Rivlin when he spoke to the nation indicating that ‘we have failed to listen’.

We are listening and we are ready to help. Please let us know of ways in which we can help. We look forward to good reports in the future and a permanent solution to the problems that now vex Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish population.


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