One of the strongest core values for Beth Jacob is that there are no financial barriers to membership. We have always hoped that those who can afford to pay more will do so to cover those who cannot. Beth Jacob funds its operations through a combination of Annual Sustaining Contributions (ASC), fundraising events, income from programs and life cycle events, and income from its endowments. The breakout of our 2023-2024 budget illustrates the importance of the Annual Sustaining Contribution in allowing Beth Jacob to continue to be the vibrant congregation that it is today:

It’s expensive to run a shul!  Almost 1 million dollars per year (over 2,500 per day)

So how do we pay for all of this?

How much ASC are we asking you for?

  • Basic tzedakah principle tells us to give 10% to charity
  • We expect that you will give a meaningful portion of your annual charitable contributions to Beth Jacob, we hope each household considers giving about 3% of their annual income to Beth Jacob
  • Monthly or quarterly giving: To help our cash flow and reduce billing and bookkeeping costs, members are required to sign up for monthly or quarterly automatic withdrawals.
  • IRA giving: If you need to make a Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA, there are usually tax advantages to paying ASC directly from your IRA. Contact your financial adviser about IRA giving in your situation.
  • Write a check: Make a payment in full at the beginning of fiscal year, i.e. in July
  • Donating Stocks and Bonds: Contact Elaine Samuelson at for instructions about how to donate stocks, bonds, mutual funds or any financial assets.

In addition to the ASC pledges and general fundraising, Beth Jacob has 21 individual endowment funds where the annual earnings from each fund can be used to pay for specific Beth Jacob programs and expenses.

If you would like to receive more information on Beth Jacob’s finances, please contact our Vice President of Finance, Keven Fischer