BJUSY belongs to the largest geographical USY region in North America: Emtza Region. “Emtza” means “middle” and our region stretches across the middle of the continent, from Denver to Wisconsin, and from St. Louis all thy way up to Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are a total of 17 chapters in Emtza Region with whom we have programs throughout the year. High school age (9th-12th grade) teens have the opportunity to be a part of BJUSY (Beth Jacob United Synagogue Youth).

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USY’s motto is “To learn, to teach, to do” and BJUSY offers plenty of opportunity for all three. While regional events have their own unique appeal, most of what happens in USY is on the chapter level.

Kadima membership is $36 (for 8th graders; Beth Jacob 7th graders are given a free membership for their b’nai mitzvah); BJUSY membership is $54. Being a member has it’s benefits; you can save money on every BJUSY program, and you are able to attend regional conventions!

About Kadima

Kadima is a Hebrew word that means “forward.” Kadima is a youth group that helps the 7th and 8th graders moveforward into their roles as responsible members of the Jewish Community after their B’nai Mitzvah. Kadima programs consist of social-action projects, holiday celebrations, cultural activities, games, sports, arts and crafts, and conventions. They take place once or twice a month, sometimes at Beth Jacob and other times at various other locations.

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We need your help! So that we can be sure to have enough food, program materials and even seats on a bus to convention, please RSVP in a timely manner when requested! Some programs like a Lounge Night do not require an RSVP, but generally your help in with this important request will ensure our great programs are ready for our Kadimaniks and USYers.


We realize that sending a child to USY/Kadima events (especially regional events) is not inexpensive. Therefore, we do as much as we can to make scholarships available. Scholarships are given based on need and participation. All scholarship information is strictly confidential. Scholarship forms are available at Beth Jacob by contacting our Youth Director, Ethan Fine, or calling (651) 452-2226.