Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Allen introduced his “Chew By Choice” campaign. This initiative was directed towards elevating the observance of kashrut throughout the entire Jewish community beginning with Beth Jacob Congregation. Over the years its success has been commented upon by many new observers and those who have elevated their observance of kashrut. (Kashrut Ladder)

It was from this basis that Rabbi Allen realized that focusing exclusively on the ritual dimensions of kashrut while ignoring the ethical dimension of Jewish law was no longer tenable. Magen Tzedek and Chew By Choice are two sides of the same coin. As Jews we are commanded to fulfill both mitzvot ben adam l’makom (between humanity and God) and mitzvot ben adam l’havero (between one person and another). By elevating our observance of kashrut and advocating that the food we are obligated to eat is produced in an ethical fashion we are given the opportunity to realize the full expression of Jewish life.