Iyunim Afternoons
Wednesdays from 4 – 6 pm, for children PreK – Grade 1, at Talmud Torah of St Paul (TTSP)
TTSP hosts our Beth Jacob Iyunim program. Iyunim afternoons bring kids from Shabbat Iyunim classes together to learn and play during the week, continuing curricular learning and growing social connections.

Learning Pods
Groups of two to five students work with a teacher on Hebrew and Jewish learning during the week or on Sundays. Pods are for children in grades 2 – 6, organized based on families who sign up. Learning pods are an alternative to tutoring that reflects our value of community and belief in learning in relationships.

Individual Tutoring
If families prefer, we have contact information for tutors. We can work with families and tutors to determine the material and learning goals.

Jewish Education Programs in the Community
Many Beth Jacob families enroll children in programs in St Paul and Minneapolis. Beth Jacob offers financial support for the cost of community education programs as well as camp enrollment. Please consider applying for support. All financial conversations are confidential.
The Newman School at Talmud Torah of St Paul
Talmud Torah of St Paul
Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School
Talmud Torah of Minneapolis