Upcoming Community Events

Minnesota JCC’s “Bo’u Nashir” Presents: 
Sephardi/Mizrahi Music Month
July 17-30, 2024
Enjoy vibrant storytelling, film, and performances that bring to life the melodies and rhythms of these diverse communities. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of music, history, and culture that transcends borders and generations.
For more information and to register, visit minnesotajcc.org

From Market to Mountain Top

November 3-12, 2024

$1,400 Join us for a joint delegation with Milwaukee and St. Paul Jewish Federations
to our Partnership Region, Sovev Kinneret, in Israel. Explore the beauty, unique
flavors, and vibrant cultures of diverse communities. This is more than just a
tour; it’s a cultural and culinary experience that will deepen your appreciation
for Israel’s rich history and diverse cuisine.

The events on this calendar are not “Beth Jacob” events, although sometimes they may be co-sponsored by or even hosted at Beth Jacob. Rather, they are events in the larger community of which our members may wish to be aware.

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