There are many local and national organizations keeping track of how we call can advocate and lobby for stopping the climate crisis.  Not every cause or activity  is for everybody. We urge you to find the issue and action that is right for you.

Action Alerts:

Join MOVE Minnesota  in St. Paul to show our elected officials that public transit is important to you for Transit Equity Day! In remembrance of the life and accomplishments of Rosa Parks, Transit Equity Day highlights how pivotal transit is in advancing equity across the state.  Join a Transit Equity Day Hearings at the Minnesota Senate Building on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 3:00–5:00 PM -Minnesota Senate Building, Room 1100 –95 University Ave W   St Paul, MN 55103

Call or email your legislator asking them to support Governor Walz budget proposals on fighting climate change and to pass legislation proposed by the measures proposed by the Partnership on Waste and Energy to take “waste, toxicity and pollution out of the marketplace and keep products and resources in use for a more equitable circular economy.

The Minnesota legislature is back in session and a “100% clean electricity by 2040” bill has been introduced. It is essential that legislators hear from all of us about how important we know this is and ask them to support it. This means we need YOUR HELP, fellow congregants at Beth Jacob.

Here is what the non-profit organization Fresh Energy says:
“But it won’t happen without everyone speaking up to take action. Will you join the movement and show your legislators that we want our state to lead by committing to 100% clean and equitable energy future?
Together, we are building a future where clean energy will power our communities with home-grown, reliable, and resilient energy that creates healthier communities through clean air and water, better homes that save energy and reduces energy cost burdens, new jobs and business growth, and equitable access that benefits Minnesotans in all corners of the state.”

So we are asking everyone to write their legislators, and please ask your friends to do the same.