There are many local and national organizations keeping track of how we call can advocate and lobby for stopping the climate crisis.  Not every cause or activity  is for everybody. We urge you to find the issue and action that is right for you

First,  an update on some of the action items listed here for you to work on over the past few months.  There are some victories and some temporary defeats.  Fresh Energy has a list of the legislative session review with details here.  Also, we asked you to lobby against a new Xcel gas plant and it worked!  Here are the details

Here are some immediate calls to action:

1. Electrify Postal vehicles. This from the Earthjustice group: Right now, the United States Postal Service has an opportunity to bring cleaner air to almost every community in the country. The Postal Service is planning to make a major purchase to add up to 165,000 new vehicles to its fleet — the largest civilian fleet in the world. These new postal trucks will be on the roads for decades, and we need to make sure they are electric, but Trump-appointed Postmaster General DeJoy is trying to block those efforts. Join us in calling on the Postal Service to commit to 100% electric vehicles. 
2. The Union of Concerned Scientists is asking us all to push the Biden administration to listen to the scientists about climate change and more. Here is how you can help.
3.  You can join the Master Recycler/Composter Program. This message from Dakota County: Meet others who are excited about waste reduction and have the chance to inspire others to help reduce waste in Dakota County. Over a 6-week period with one class each week, participants hear presentations from local and regional experts on waste reduction, recycling, composting and solid waste and go on field trips to relevant sites.  Upcoming classes   Wednesdays, Oct. 6–Nov. 10  / 6:30–8:30 p.m.  /Western Service Center, 14955 Galaxie Ave., Apple Valley.  Sign up HERE

4.  Do you want to help Mendota Heights plant 5,000 trees in 5 years?  We are losing thousands of trees to Emerald Ash Borer and other tree pests and diseases.  You can join the Mendota Heights grass roots organization that is planning a project to make our community greener and more resilient. They need people to help with publicity, fundraising, lobbying, tree planting, communication and more. Interested?  E-mail and tell her you are with Beth Jacob.