There are many local and national organizations keeping track of how we call can advocate and lobby for stopping the climate crisis.  Not every cause or activity  is for everybody. We urge you to find the issue and action that is right for you

Here are some immediate calls to action:

1.  Write now!  Xcel’s 15 year plan includes a proposal to build a massive fossil gas plant in Becker, Minn. But together WE can stop this and push Xcel to rely more on solar and wind power.  Add your voice now because this year the Public Utilities Commission will decide whether to approve Xcel Energy’s long-term energy plan (IRP). This is our chance to ramp up renewables & community solar for Minnesota!   Here is a fact sheet about the plant from the Sierra Club.  and this is how you can comment online:

  Click on link:     –  Enter your name  –    Enter the docket number: 19-368  –    Enter your request that the PUC deny Xcel Energy’s proposal to build a new fracked gas plant in Becker MN.   –  Check “I’m not a robot” box  –  Click “Submit

2. The Minnesota Legislature is back for a special session! Environmental groups are asking us to weigh in on three priority environmental bills to make sure lawmakers get this right. From the “Friends of the Mississippi River:”  First up: The Omnibus Legacy Bill. This Legacy Bill allocates funding from Minnesota’s voter-approved Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment. In particular, we’re focused on the 33% of funding dedicated to the Clean Water Fund.  Also remind your legislator to support the CLEAN CARS INITIATIVE

3.  Trees, plants, habitat –  One of the most important ways you can support the environment is by physically getting your hands in the dirt. There are opportunities to learn about our local tree species, climate, and biodiversity at Lebanon Hills Regional Park. The year, park staff host stewardship work nights and other habitat restoration events where volunteers can help us with invasive species removal, seed collecting, tree and shrub planting and more.

4.  Believe science – Please join MCEA (Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and submit your public comment supporting better ways to study and mitigate greenhouse gas pollution in Minnesota.