There are many local and national organizations keeping track of how we call can advocate and lobby for stopping the climate crisis.  Not every cause or activity  is for everybody. We urge you to find the issue and action that is right for you

Here are some immediate calls to action:

1. Minnesota is getting closer adopting Clean Cars Minnesota, a standard that would reduce climate change-causing air pollution and increase customer choices of electric vehicles available to buy in Minnesota. But in order to make this happen, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) needs comments of support from all of us by March 15, 2021.  Don’t know how to do that?   We are here to help:

a. Join a group session where we can answer questions and help you write an effective comment.  This short, helpful session will be on Sunday, March 7th at 11:00 a.m.  Meet with us on Zoom at

b.  OR follow this  “how-to”  to add a comment on your own.  It is a guide to writing impactful and informed comments (from Fresh Energy).

2.    Join the DFL Environmental Caucus and MN350 at 7 p.m. March 4 for an evening of action featuring founder Bill McKibben. Bill will share insights about the opportunities around emission reductions in 2021 and answer questions. MN350 Clean Transportation Team will provide a short presentation on the goals of the Clean Cars Minnesota Rule. Attendees will write comments to support Clean Cars Minnesota. Register here.

3. There are many climate justice bills on the docket at the Minnesota legislature.  Here is a guide to some of the most important under consideration.  You can write your state representative or senator to support any or all of them, and keep up to date on where they stand.  This is compiled by MN350