Learn to lead Shabbat Services with our own Amy Olson and Ken Silver! These links are from the CD that has been traditionally given to our Bnai Mitzvah Students. (Page numbers listed are from Siddur Sim Shalom for Festivals and Holidays.)

Shochen Ad/uvmakhalot (page 105)
Yishtabach/Hatzi Kaddish (page 106)
Barchu (page 107)
El Adon (page 108)
L’El Asher Shavat (page 109)
Titbarach/Kulam Ahuvim (page 110)
Ahavah Rabah (page 111)
Shema Uvirchotecha (page 112)
Emet/L’dor vador (page 113)
Ezrat Avoteinu/MiChamocha/Tsur Yisrael (page 114)
Avot/G’vurot (page 115b)
Kedusha (Shaharit) (page 116)
Yismach Moshe/V’shamru (page 117)
R’tzeh/Modim (page 118)
V’Al Kulam/V’Kol Hahayim/Bircat Cohanim (page 119)
Sim Shalom (page 120)
Kaddish Shalem (page 138)

Service for taking the Torah out of the Ark:
En Kamocha (page 139)
Bey Ana Rochetz (page 140)
Shema (page 141)

Torah Blessings:
Torah Blessings (page 142)

Blessings before Haftarah :
Blessing before Haftarah (page 146)

Blessings after Haftarah (page 147):
Paragraph One
Paragraph Two
Paragraph Three
Paragraph Four
Paragraph Five
Paragraph Six

Service for returning the Torah to the Ark:
Yekum Purkan (page 148)
Ashrei (page 151)
Hachnasat Hasefer (page 153)
Uv’nuchoh Yomar (page 154)

Hatzi Kaddish (page 155)
Avot/G’vurot (page 156a)
Kedusah – Musaf (page 157)
Kaddish Shalem

Kiddush and Havdalah:
Friday Night Kiddush (page 312)
Havdalah (page 299)

Online Resources:
Shabbat Psukei D’zimra
Weekday Services
Kabbalat Shabbat (scroll down a bit)
Siddur Sim Shalom Online