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Sunday, May 9, 7-8 pm Our first Tour of Jewish Argentina was such a success, we’re doing a Part 2! Join tour guide Claudia Hercman as she educates us about the history of Argentine Jews from the 1930s through the present. Attendance at the prior session absolutely not necessary. Claudia is an amazing teacher–You will […]


Sign up for in-person Shabbat services in the Beth Jacob Sanctuary! As a reminder, you MUST SIGN UP if you want to attend; no walk-ins will be accepted. Join us as we take the first step down the path toward the Shabbat service we remember! Click here to sign up: Beth-Jacob.org/ServiceSignup


Most recent updates at Beth-Jacob.org/YEupdate. Shabbat Youth Services Minyan Katan: 9 am at Beth-Jacob.org/MK for families with children ages 0 – 5 Youth Tefilah: 11 am at Beth-Jacob.org/YT for kids in elementary school through 6th grade Shabbat Morning Classes 5th-6th grade: 10:15 am with Steve Greenberg at Beth-Jacob.org/56. Torah trope sheet at Beth-Jacob.org/Trope. 7th-8th grade: […]


We put together “Kiddush Kits” to help it feel a little more like Shabbat. The kits can be used on their own, or in conjunction with our online kiddush! If you can’t pick one up but would like one, let us know on the sign-up form. If you would like to sponsor a future week’s […]


Beth Jacob’s Rabbis are sharing teachings on each day of Chanukah! You can find them on Facebook (like the BJC FB Page, and join the BJC FB Group to be notified), Twitter, Instagram, or update your email preferences to be added to an email list to receive them in your inbox (make sure to check […]


MONDAYS: 21st Century Judaism Noon at Beth-Jacob.org/21 – Judaism has come a long way, but where is it going? How can it speak to us as we journey ever onward into an uncertain future? Find out on Mondays at noon with Rabbi Rubin! Swimming in the Sea of Talmud 7:30 pm at Beth-jacob.org/Talmud – Join Rabbi […]


Looking for weekday morning minyan? It’s at Beth-Jacob.org/Minyan Looking for the YouTube Livestream of Shabbat Services? It’s at Beth-Jacob.org/YouTube. To increase clarity and reduce the likelihood of errors in switching where the link Beth-Jacob.org/Live points, we have phased out the use of that link. Starting now, weekday services and the YouTube livestream will have their own […]

Link Coming

The link you just clicked is a shortcut (probably to a Zoom meeting or sign-up form); when the time for the meeting arrives, the link you clicked will take you to the Zoom. If you’re looking for a sign-up form, it’s coming soon.  


For classes and other resources, click here. WEEKDAY SERVICES 7:15 am M-F; 8:30 Sundays; 7 am Rosh Chodesh At Beth-Jacob.org/Minyan Morning Minyan via Zoom. Just click the link above when it’s time for minyan. You can find the siddur here: Beth-Jacob.org/Siddur. Shiva Minyan siddur available at Beth-Jacob.org/ShivaSiddur SHABBAT SERVICES 9 am Saturday At Beth-Jacob.org/YouTube Saturday […]

Spring Kallah Info

1) I (Barry) will be going. If you need to contact me in case of emergency, my cell number has been sent by e-mail to SK attendees. 2) Packing: The region’s list is available here: beth-jacob.org/skpacking. Don’t forget tallis & tefillin, water bottles and fluorescent clothes! Weather: 3) Bus info: Thursday, April 4th be at Beth […]